Wednesday, July 8, 2009

9 months!

            1 day old!                           9 Months!
Shayleigh is on to a new adventure: trying her darndest to walk! She has completely mastered crawling & spent 2 whole days trying to pull herself up to standing & now that she has that down she feels the need to completely scare her momma! She loves to let go & try to walk, usually she loses her balance & tries again, but I know that very soon she will be conquering the upright world! Look out Tink!
She loves clapping & growling, singing & dancing, and anything messy. She is working on feeding herself & in my opinion growing up way too fast! Please slow down baby girl!!

4th of July In Paradise!

We were so blessed to spend the fourth in San Diego at Paradise Point which is very special to chris and I because this is where we were married almost 5 years ago!  It was wonderful to take Shayleigh on her first family vacation to this special place. She enjoyed "helping"us pack from INSIDE the suitcase, conked out after a busy day at sea world, loved on her daddy, & watched her mommy cuddle up to a giant sting ray (see pictures at right).We met up with some of Chris's family & spent the whole weekend visiting & letting them get to know our little princess. We took Shayleigh to Sea World on July 2nd & she had a wonderful time checking out all the interesting floaty things! July 3rd was the annual fireworks celebration put on by the resort & Shayleigh absolutely loved the fireworks! at first she gazed at them wide-eyed (you didn't think her eyes could get any wider did you?) then she began cheering & clapping along with everyone else. It was adorable, in fact it just may have been too adorable because I happened to notice that many people were having more fun watching her than the fireworks!! On the 4th we watched the sunset on the beach outside the hotel room with all the family & cuddled up by the fire & made smores. I guess Shayleigh had enough of the fireworks the day before because she conked out & nothing was able to disturb my sleeping beauty!  I'm so glad she got to enjoy them the day before! It was a wonderful getaway, but we were very happy to be home & get back into our routine.

Photo Shoot

Shayleigh had the opportunity to have her pictures taken by Lindsay in the park near our house when she was right months old. It was so much fun! She was able to experiencetouching the grass for the first time & watching us blow bubbles! To top it all off there were some greatphotos taken of these memorable moments! 

My Freak Out

I See this sweet lil pumpkin, I cannot believe she turned 9 months old yesterday! I was already having a hard time believing this when we walked into our most frequented store lately (Babies R Us) & began to freak out.  There in a rather large center display was Halloween apparel! But that wasn't even the worst of it; there hanging on the center rack was a tiny jumper that read "Baby's 1st Halloween." Oh my, how did this happen? I realized that this would not be Shayleigh's first Halloween & that realization led me to an even more frightening one: Shayleigh was BORN in October! That means her 1 year old birthday is right around the corner...So close, in fact, that they are already selling merchandise for HER birthday month!! Oh wow how time flies! So let's recap some of the highlights of the last few months, shall we? It helps me cope. 
Hello Everyone! Since several of my friends have one of these blogs & because The original blog I started for Shayleigh has a picture limit unless you want to pay a monthly fee, I decided to give this a try. If you would like to read up on details of Shayleigh's birth and first few months please check out Fromnow on I will be trying to keep you all up to date on here! So let's get started!