Monday, February 1, 2010

hello again

I am finding it kind of tough to keep up with My blog, but here I am again with an update!
Shayleigh is going to be 16 months in 6 days & I cannot believe where the time has gone! Yesterday we did her valentine's pics because Valentine's day is a very important time of the year for us since we found out we were going to have a baby on Valentine's day!! i remember taking Valentine's pics last year & she was so tiny! This year was even more special because her Aunt Hannah took some pics with her too! Shayleigh was her usual little ham self & danced for the camera & socialized with anyone she could!

She had a very fun Ladybug themed 1st birthday! I chose this theme since we call her our lil lovebug & it was very fitting & very cute! We had so much fun& felt so blessed to share the celebration with all our friends & family! She was a ladybug for Halloween as well. We took her up to the harvest festival at the nearby church since we do not celebrate the actual holiday but her Aunt Deanna had bought her this adorable costume & we just had to show her off. she had a blast running around & trying out some of the games & checking out the rest of the little costumed munchkins!

We celebrated a fabulous Thanksgiving at our house for the very first year ever. It was great food, fellowship, & fun topped off with a game of touch football in the backyard. It was such a successful day that I see many future Thanksgivings being hosted at our house! The next day we did our annual crazy shopping which was fun & shayleigh looked cute all bundled up & ready to brave the crowds! she is turning into quite the shopper!

Christmas was wonderful as well. Five days before Christmas we ended up taking a spontaneous trip to the beach. You wouldn't believe how gorgeous it was! Shayleigh loved it & was not scared of the water the least bit! Next time we will plan it out a little better & bring extra clothes & some towels!
 On Christmas eve we took Shayleigh to this incredibly decorated house & she loved looking at all the brilliant lights & decorations. When we got home she got to open up a new pair of pajamas to wear & a new book to read before bed. On Christmas morning we had our own quietly little gift opening followed by a trip to starbucks, My family's house, then Chris's family's. She made out & was overwhelmed with tons of Elmo goodies which is her favorite at the moment. It was a very long day but she was excellent & even took a nap in the crib at my Mom's house which she has never done before!

 We went to Disneyland to celebrate chris's Bday on Dec 28th. It was extremely crowded, but tons of fun! Our good friends brought along their twins & it was all 3 of the kid's first visit! it was so awesome to watch their amazement & experience Disneyland in a whole new way through their eyes! Hannah & I are planning to take shayleigh back tomorrow & we are hoping to get a season pass so we can go anytime we want!

For New Year's we went to dinner with my parents & then my mom came over to watch Shayleigh for a few hours so that we could go visit some friends that we had not seen in a long time! 

We went to Colorado again for two weeks in January & had an absolutely fabulous time! Auntie Wrigley & her were BFFs! I was extremely sad to leave, I wish we all lived much closer, but I was so glad we were able to visit again & that everyone got along so well. However, we came home to not so much fun, Shayleigh came down with a very high fever the same night we got home & we ended up at the drs the next day for testing & he sent us to the hospital for more testing. It turned out that she had Roseola, she is now fully recovered & her usual happy bubbly self, but it was the scariest thing we have had to go through with her so far. I am so glaf that is behind us now!

Well i think we are mostly caught up now! We are just waiting for Our little nephew to be born & our close friend's daughter to arrive in a few weeks! we are very excited! Shayleigh will be getting a cousin & chris & I will be joining the rest of our family n the Aunt/Uncle department! so this Month we will prepare for these two blessings to be welcomed into our lives with baby showers & celebrations! I will post pics to share with you all!

THANK YOU for being my loyal blog followers & reminding me when I need to update ;)